People Pathways is a planning and implementation group established with the approval of the Greencastle Park Board of Commissioners. Our goal is to improve the quality of life in Greencastle and Putnam County by developing connections within and between our communities.

People Pathways has successfully developed a multi-use recreational trail plan after soliciting opinions from community members through a series of presentations and open meetings. The paths will connect public spaces such as schools, parks, libraries, and community resources. The paths will be used primarily by walkers, joggers, and cyclists. This will include children going to and from school, people seeking exercise and recreation and commuters.

Implementation of the People Pathways plan is being done in phases as opportunities develop.

Pathways will:

  • Foster the mental and physical health of citizens of our community
  • Nurture healthy families
  • Create accessibility to our community green spaces by developing linear exercise trails using existing and future infrastructure
  • Build bridges rather than walls between neighborhoods to help create a sense of belonging and community
  • Enhance the small town appeal of our community


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