Ever wanted to check movie times online while you’re walking around downtown?  Wanted to find a phone number for a local business?  Or, have you ever thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could use my laptop or iPad, for free, to see what the latest news is, or search for job openings?

All of these things are now possible, thanks to Greencastle’s newly-launched Wi-Fi bubble, dubbed “GCFree.”  GCFree is accessible to anyone within two to three blocks of the Courthouse square, and it allows Internet users to connect to the Web for two hours every 24-hour period, after accepting the terms and conditions of the network.

If you’ve been following our updates, you know that the downtown Wi-Fi bubble was made possible by the Stellar Communities Grant awarded to the City of Greencastle by the State of Indiana. Hardware for the project was funded by the Greencastle Redevelopment Commission, with local business airHOP Communications handling the installation and initial hosting of the network.  Network hosting will be transferred over to Cinergy MetroNet now that the project is functional.

This project will truly enhance our community and reinvigorate our downtown. It will also allow visitors to stay more connected while in the square and could lead to increased downtown traffic.

The completion of this project is the first of many steps towards developing a downtown district that reflects the great city in which we live.  It is also the first of many Stellar Communities success stories!