why greencastle?

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why Greencastle’s future is even brighter

While Greencastle already has a number of elements in place that make it a great place to grow a business or locate your family, the Stellar Communities funding will further capitalize on those elements and improve our City’s livability and attractiveness to investors.

Through the varied Stellar Communities projects page the City anticipates the following positive outcomes:


The campus-community bookstore as a commercial anchor
Enhanced technology support in the Central Business District
Renovated residential and commercial space to encourage additional foot-traffic
Infrastructure investment to link campus and downtown square
Provide extensive, convenient additional parking to the Central Business District

Intellectual and Cultural

A reinforced linkage to Greencastle’s academic enterprises: DePauw University and Ivy Tech Community College.
Enhanced academic and cultural programming opportunities
Partnerships with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, local school districts and the DePauw School of Music.


Residential community connected to economic and intellectual enterprise
South Court Neighborhood
Opportunity to attract DePauw facility and staff to the community and convenient housing options
Provide new alternative housing options throughout the city

Quality of Life

Infrastructure improvements
New streetscape which will enhance existing thoroughfares
Campus Link Trail connecting the community
Potential wellness center
Expanded educational opportunities with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.