Gas Pipeline Upgrades Notice

Our department is small and we take care of the following:publicworks

  1. All street signs and markers in the City of Greencastle.
  2. Four traffic lighted intersections with help from the commercial venders.
  3. Striping and lane markings on the city streets, curbs and parking spaces.
  4. Five parking lots.
  5. 51 certified lane miles.
  6. Five miles of alleyways.
  7. Mowing and trimming along Albin Pond Road, Houck Road, South Jackson Street, Old Industrial Park, People’s Pathways, Frazier Street, Columbia Street, and both sides of Veteran’s Memorial Highway.
  8. The Tree for a Veteran Program, a Gold Leaf award winner. We maintain the program, each year adding trees to the landscape. The trees each get fertilizer and 6 yards of mulch. During the year additional mulch is placed at each tree.The 2008 Tree for a Veteran program has 16 applications and will continue to receive applications until we reach 28. We plant and maintain the new trees with plenty of fertilizer and water the trees from our own 200 gallon watering tanker purchased through the program. We water the new trees several times a year for the first year.
  9. All the storm drains in the City of Greencastle.
  10. Collecting all the leaves that are raked up and place at the curb. The leaf collection lasts for about 6 to 8 weeks. The leaf collection is a huge undertaking for the Department of Public Works.
  11. Plowing the Streets during the winter months, very challenging time for us as we want the safest streets possible for our citizens and commuters. My assistant, secretary and I watch the weather closely and if we have the opportunity we will put a pre-application of Clear Lane down before the storm arrives. Since we have a small department we will divide our personnel up during the heavy storms so that we can fight the storm in the best strategic way.
  12. Working closely with contractors for street paving and sidewalk repairs.
  13. Some mechanical work to help our budget go further. We outsource the larger jobs.
  14. The Putnam County Fair parade directing traffic, placing detour signage and placing barricades at all the intersections.
  15. Many special events around the Square, City Park and West Berry Street with signage and barricades.
  16. Sweeping the entire city making several rounds each year.
  17. Patch every pothole in the city.
  18. Assist the engineering department with computer software and inspecting.
  19. Planting, trimming and maintaining all street trees. A street tree is a tree planted between the sidewalk and street. We also have the trees downtown that we prune each year. Larger jobs are outsourced to a contractor with the equipment and manpower.
  20. Tracking all our actions for the monthly report and the Tree City application. Greencastle has been a Tree City for 8 years and we are proud to say that the trees are an asset to the beauty of the city.
  21. Collecting and recycling the live Christmas trees in January.
  22. Plowing all lane miles, five parking lots and some alleys several times each winter.