Scott Zimmerman

City Hall
One North Locust Street
PO. Box 607
Greencastle, IN 46135 
Office: 765.653-7719
Fax: 765.653-8707

The Greencastle Planning Department aims to provide accurate and helpful zoning information as well as planning resources for site development projects located in the City of Greencastle and two-mile fringe. Available information and resources include:

  • Zoning Classifications and Permitted Uses
  • Development Standards
  • Permit Requirements
  • Land Use Awareness and Education Materials

The mission of the Greencastle Planning Department is to not only provide information and resources to property owners and developers, but also to guide residents and petitioners through the process of development.

Positive customer service and effective communication increase the success of planning projects throughout the community!

The Greencastle Planning Department holds regular office hours at Greencastle City Hall from 10:00am to 5:00pm, Monday-Friday. While an appointment is not necessary, response time can be lessened by calling or emailing the Planning Department; please direct inquiries to:

Scott Zimmerman

City Planner