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WATER PLANTwaterplant

The current Greencastle water facility went into operation in July of 1997.

The current Greencastle water facility went into operation in July of 1997. The new treatment plant has the capability of 4.3 MGD (millions of gallons per day), which is drawn from wells located along Big Walnut Creek near the water treatment facility. At the present time Greencastle and the rural water corporations use an average of 1,700,000 gallons a day. Our water standpipe provides storage for 2,000,000 gallons of treated water and an additional 100,000 gallon tank at the plant for the purpose of backwashing the gravity filters. Greencastle treats its water with chlorine for disinfection, phosphate for lead and copper control, and fluoride for the purpose of dental health.

Plant history:

Construction started on the original water plant on March 10, 1887 and was completed October 20 of the same year. The construction consisted of a pumping station, 9 miles of varying sizes of cast iron pipe, 85 fire hydrants, and a 140’ tall standpipe.

The City of Greencastle purchased the water works from a privately owned company in June of 1935.

In late June of 1957 a flooded Big Walnut Creek over took the pumping station and the entire well field totally disabling the Greencastle water system. The National Guard was activated to bring in thousands of gallons of pure water from neighboring cities.

May of 1959 brought the opening of a new modern water facility to replace the original plant. A 750,000 gallon water tower was built on Wood Street in the northeast corner of Robe-Ann Park to increase the storage capacity to approximately 1.1 million gallons. A second 12″ transmission main was installed in the northeast section of the city.

An upgrade to the 1959 facility was completed in 1980 with the addition of a 2,000,000 gallon standpipe on cemetery hill. The City of Greencastle was awarded “Steel Tank Of The Year”, presented by the Steel Plate Fabricators Association in 1980.

Our current Greencastle water facility went into operation in July of 1997. A 3rd transmission main now connects the plant to the northwest area of the city.

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