Frequently asked questions

A number of questions have been raised about how the City will implement the Stellar Communities grant in the next three years. Below are some answers to the questions we’ve been asked the most.

When will the City receive the $19 million Stellar Communities grant?

The City of Greencastle will not be receiving a check for $19 million from the State of Indiana. Instead, the funds will be paid when the expenditures are approved and occur.

Who will benefit from the Stellar Communities grant?

The entire community will benefit from the grant. In fact, some of the first projects include working toward the creation of a downtown parking structure and a WiFi bubble for downtown. Visit our projects page to learn more.

What is DePauw University’s role in Stellar Communities?

DePauw University is a key partner in securing and implementing the Stellar Communities grant. DePauw will be investing in the streetscaping work for Anderson Street, which will satisfy the City’s match for the other anticipated INDOT projects. The University will be making Anderson Street the new entrance to the campus.

The City’s annual budget is $10 million, so a $1.2 million match would have been nearly impossible to do. Thanks to DePauw, the city was able to direct our budget to maintain city services.

What other types of improvements can we expect?

A WiFi bubble over downtown, façade grants to downtown business owners, greater connectivity to community assets, and arts and wellness opportunities all are in the works. To learn more about specific projects, please visit our projects page.

When will the overall project be complete?

We expect the projects page to be substantially completed in the next three years.

How will I be impacted during construction?

The City makes every effort to communicate construction activity to residents, businesses and organizations. We will continue to communicate with you in the same manner, but you can also check our blog, Facebook page , or this website for more information.

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